Student Life Services

Student Body:

The New Destiny University of Theology has many students enrolled to further their education and build the kingdom of God. Our students consist of pastors, ministers, leaders, laypersons, evangelists, missionaries, and teachers. Our students come from various independent and denominational churches. Most of the student body is from the Saint Louismetropolitan area. New Destiny University of Theology is primarily an evening institution designed to serve full-time Christian workers and others who have full-time jobs during the day. Therefore, New Destiny University of Theology offers most of its curriculum during the evening hours. Although New Destiny University of Theology is primarily an evening institution, a number of classes could be offered during the day.

Student Handbook:

At the beginning of each school year, new students will receive a copy of the New Destiny University of Theology Student Handbook. When the Student Handbook is revised, students may obtain a revised copy.

Counseling Services:

When a student has been accepted into the Certificate, Associate, Bachelor's or Master's program, a faculty advisor is assigned to him/her. The advisor is to guide, to assist, and to counsel the student throughout his academic program.

Learning Resources Center:

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) serves students, faculty, and staff. It is a vital part of the educational program at New Destiny University of Theology. The LRC offers a variety of digital resources, audio/visual materials, videotapes, books, and periodicals.

Campus and Buildings:

Main Campus of New Destiny University of Theology located in Ferguson, Missouri, houses the library, classroom space, the student learning resource center, and the student lounge. The university is connected on campus with Shekinah Tabernacle Ministries.

Christian Service:

The Christian Service Department, under the supervision of the Director of Student Affairs, provides an opportunity for students to develop Christian leadership and spiritual ministry. Everything is done to ensure that students will receive the maximum degree of benefit and fulfillment from personal involvement in various types of practical Christian work and community service throughout the Saint Robert area.


Chapel services are held for day and evening students. These services challenge the students from the Word of God. Also, chapel serves as a period of intercessory prayer. Students and faculty are expected to attend chapel services. No classes will be held during chapel services.

Health Services:

Students are encouraged to secure medical services when necessary from their own physicians. These consultations are entirely at the student's expense. Special items, such as the cost prescriptions, hospitalization, ambulance service, x-rays, operating room expense, dental work, surgery, special nursing or special care for students with contagious diseases are also paid by the student, if not covered by health insurance. Students are required, if they do not have hospitalization insurance, to obtain such before entering school. Students should meet this requirement by purchasing health insurance coverage of their choice.

Handicap Access and Use:

Empowerment Bible University makes every attempt to assist students with handicaps. All classrooms and library facilities are handicap accessible. The building that houses the administrative and faculty offices is also handicap accessible. Handicap parking is posted for convenience and is strictly enforced. Classroom tables provide easy wheelchair access. Restrooms near the classroom and library areas are also handicap accessible.

Student Senate:

The Student Senate consists of students who have been appointed / elected for three primary purposes:

To listen intently for the specific needs of the student body
To channel such information steadily to the administration and faculty
To convert such information into effective action.

Student Senate:

All student vehicles must be parked in the parking lot outside of New Destiny University of Theology campus to better supervise security.