New Destiny University of Theology is committed to theologically and academic excellence. Our faculty are not only academically minded, they are experienced leaders committed to training men and women for ministry. Student education is enhanced by the intimate connection to a vibrant local church. New Destiny University of Theology is devoted to advance academic training that is tested and refined through mentored relationships, allowing students to apply their studies in the laboratory of local church life and ministry.


New Destiny University of Theology is committed to the direct method of presenting a biblical education that is textually based, exegetically sound, and theologically coherent in divine truth from the Bible, using its original languages as its primary foundation., which it views as the authoritative and exclusive revelation from God to man in this age of grace. In addition, it rejects all forms of secular relativism, which deny the complete authority of the Holy Scriptures. New Destiny University of Theology believes that true scholarship is that which submits to the authority of Holy Scripture and in so believing rejects the exaltation of human intellect above the written word of God.


The university emphasizes a biblical rather than a philosophic approach to education. It is not merely evangelical, but specifically non-denomination in approach with an emphasis on creating a global biblical vision within each student. The normal (literal)-grammatical-historical literacy governs our understanding of the progressive nature of biblical revelation.

Educational Objective