Presidential Address


For years, I have watched as people struggle at achieving their collegiate goals in life. Over those years many things such as: financial stress, family or time management have been some of the vast areas of concerns. New Destiny University of Theology offers our students what I believe is the best opportunity to receive an accredited, accelerated and affordable education in biblical studies.

New Destiny University of Theology is a community where you can be educated and nurtured in your Christian faith. We are committed to teaching the Word of God. The instructors and I are passionate and waiting to empower you in your Destiny. As our doctrinal statement plainly declares, New Destiny University of Theology not only teaches God’s word, it teaches it as the inerrant, infallible, and God-breath in its strongest sense. While this stance may seem out of step with the current mainstream views of others, New Destiny University of Theology unapologetically declares that God’s word is still available and still alive for us today even as it was to its original audiences.

In closing, I want to encourage you to carefully consider New Destiny University of Theology as your institution of choice to learn God’s word. Should you choose New Destiny University of Theology, I hope that you will find the university to be all that I have shared with you; and that I look forward to personally shake your hand during one of our commencement ceremonies.

In His Service,

James M. Heard
James M. Heard, ThD
President, Presiding Bishop
New Destiny University of Theology